Koenig Mediation, LLC.

Skilled Mediation Services

Enrique G. Koenig, J.D.

Practice focused exclusively in the area of Family Mediation

Skills & Expertise

A personalized approach assisting families resolve disputes in a private and confidential setting.

Building a comprehensive plan to proactively and collaboratively resolve conflict.

A creative approach at conflict resolution through mediation techniques and out of the box thinking.

Fully bilingual in both English and Spanish
Knowledge & Understanding of Latin American Culture



My goal is to provide prospective clients with quality personalized service in the area of mediation, conciliation or conflict resolution consultation. Further, to facilitate communication between clients involved in a family dispute.  Support and encourage clients to engage in a more creative approach to conflict resolution. My objective is to make prospective clients aware of all their available options when in family conflict. Litigation is costly both financially and emotionally.

Litigation, within the framework of the family, should be an option of last resort. Mediation, the area in which we specialize, offers clients a private, confidential and empathetic setting with a qualified neutral party to offer creative solutions to difficult family issues.

I am a fully bi-lingual Mediator in both the Spanish and English languages. I am well versed in the Latin American Culture. I have considerable experience in business management and administration having considerable exposure to business interests both in the United States and Mexico. I have developed relevant skills in cooperative and collaborative management, human resources management, cooperative business administration, legal team-building, promotion and marketing development. In addition, I have attained substantial training in the area of mediation with a specialization in Family disputes. I do not provide legal advise; rather, I utilize mediation skills to assist families in conflict find viable and reasonable solutions to difficult problems. I am focused on the needs and interests of each party in conflict.

My ultimate goal is to offer mediation clients a well-structured private and confidential setting to creatively seek solutions for  their family. further, to develop a cooperative and focused approach to resolve complex family issues.


Mediation Panel Member of Southern California Family Mediation

Working in conjunction with other highly qualified family mediators to assist The Edmund D. Edelman Children’s Court in achieving lasting co-parenting agreements in complex youth dependency cases and contested adoption cases via a co-mediation model. I was Approved as a panel member on December 2018. Currently mediators in this capacity operate on a pro bono basis.

Mediation Center of Los Angeles (Organization previously known as the Valley Bar Mediation Center).

Member of the Board of Directors & Member of the Pre-Litigation (Non-Attorney) Mediation Panel.

Organization was approved by The Superior Court of Los Angeles to be one of two mediation organizations providing quality mediation services by means of the court’s newly established mediation services vendor list program.

Nov 2014 – Present

Principal Owner
Koenig Mediation, LLC

January 2012 – Present (2 years 5 months) Beverly Hills, CA
Offering bilingual mediation services in both English and Spanish in the Beverly Hills and the Greater Los Angeles Area. We do not offer legal advice. Rather, we work with both prospective clients and their respective counsel to assist in the resolution of conflict in a collaborative manner. Our objective is to create an environment that promotes grater shared communication and knowledge. Further, to help clients make informed decisions and improve the chances for the resolution of their existing dispute.

Shareholder & Officer
Potrero de Acapulco, S.A. de C.V.
November 1980 – Present (33 years 7 months) Acapulco de Juárez Area, Mexico
Have been a Shareholder & Co-Owner of this company since November 1980. Cooperative effort to develop legal defense strategic development, promotion and marketing of real property assets in a very challenging environment.

President & Co-Trustee
The Erich & Della Koenig Foundation
February 2007 – Present (7 years 4 months)Los Angeles, Ca Non-Profit Organization

Los Angeles Superior Court/ADR Department

April 2010 – July 2013 (3 years 4 months) Los Angeles county
Processed cases in the Personal Injury arena, work related injuries, Civil Harassment. Served The Los Angeles Superior Court (LASC) Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Civil Random Select (Pro Bono) Mediation Panel. I was also inducted into the Party-Select Civil Mediation Panel as well. In addition, I served in The Los Angeles Superior Court's Civil Harassment Pilot Program until ADR operations at the Court were suspended in July 2013.
As of April 1st, 2014 have resumed conducting pro bono mediation services for The Los Angeles Superior Court via The California Association for Mediation Professionals.

Volunteer Experience & Causes
Mediator Volunteer
California Association of Mediation Professionals
April 2014 Social Services Serve as Civil Mediator in Los Angeles County Superior Courts in the area of Civil Harassment.

Causes you care about:
Animal Welfare
Arts and Culture
Disaster and Humanitarian Relief Poverty Alleviation
Social Services
Organizations you support:

Valley Bar Mediation Center
Los Angeles Food Bank & Westside Food Bank
Union Rescue Mission


Academy of Professional Family Mediators Conference

Field Of StudyFamily Conflict Management & Selling Peace in an Adversarial World

Dates attended or expected graduation2014 – 2015

15 Continuing Education Hours per Yearly Conference

2014 Yearly Conference:
1. Collaborative Mediation Approaches in dealing with complex financial issues in the divorce mediation arena. 
2. Marketing, networking and developmental team building to support client needs.
3. Workshop on marketing development
4. Workshop on drafting Memorandums of Understanding. 
5. Workshop on parenting with technology for cost effective case completion.
6 & 7 Workshop on creative divorce and thinking out of the legal box

2015 Yearly Conference
1. Quit your Day Job: Making Money Mediating
2. Creativity and Integrity in Family Mediation
3. Diversity and Cultural Sensitivity in Mediation
4. Incorporating Co-Parenting Education into the Mediation Process
5. Cross Promotion Strategies to Boost Word-of- Mouth Referrals
6. Spirituality & Religion in Family Mediation
7. Cooperative Divorce
8. Last Section Attended: 5 Keys to a rewarding Divorce Mediation Practice

Academy of Family Mediators/Advanced Practitioner Family Section (AFM AP)
2013 – 2014
Formal evaluation process by select committee in which an applicant must provide substantive documentation showing that said participant has completed 250 hours of mediation or conciliation work. Further, proof that the applicant has completed 60 hours minimum of continuing education in the area of family law mediation. Applicants must also prove that they have performed a minimum of 25 hours of face to face family mediations. And finally, the applicant has had an advanced practitioner member of the ACR Family Section conduct a case evaluation in person to determine that the applicant has the necessary skills and experience to negotiate complex issues in family mediation cases. My application to the ACR Academy of Family Mediators as an advanced practitioner was approved on April 26th, 2014.

Mosten Mediation Training

Basic Divorce Mediation Training

40 Hour continuing education training workshop/January 21st-25th/Program covered a comprehensive and practical review and application of Mediation Techniques commonly used by mediators to have parties move forward in impasse situations. How to more effectively deal with High Conflict situations in a mediation setting. Coverage and review of ethics in practice; review of child support and spousal support calculation applications and custodial issues. Workshop also addressed the proper drafting of agreements. And finally, the effective use of collaborative professional consultation to assist resolution in a mediation setting.

Pepperdine University School of Law
Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Family Law Mediation

18 Hour intensive workshop taken June 20-22 in the area of Family Law Mediation issues specifically focused in spousal dissolution issues, ethics, custody dynamics and domestic violence. Highly interactive workshop with other participants that are currently specialists in the Family area of conflict resolution and family related matters.

Mediate.com University
Mediating Divorce Agreement with Jim Melamed, 15 Continuing Education Credit Hours 2013
Intensive course study in the area of Divorce Mediation. What I found unique about this course was the focus on how to deal with difficult impasse situations; and expanding the use of various techniques to be used to break such impasse in a family divorce mediation setting.

Pepperdine University School of Law, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution

Introductory Workshop on the Healing of Memories and Journeys of Forgiveness
Exposure in the area of relationship building, and the exploration of an individuals memories or experiences that may have been traumatic or greatly impacting. How to address these emotions and how to aid an individual in moving forward despite such an impacting experience in their lives. The component of forgiveness as was discovered in this course promotes the healing process in the individual allowing for acceptance and release of emotional obstacles.

Pepperdine University School of Law,
Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution
Preventing Bad Settlement Decisions and Impasse

Dates of Course Study June 21st thru 23rd of 2012
18 Hour practical training in cognitive theory and development of practical tools in order to better assist parties in conflict arrive at improved decision making in the mediation process.

Pepperdine University School of Law
Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, LASC Supplemental Training/Ethics & Negotiation Skills

May 19th, 2012 6 hour Supplemental Sharpening Skills Program

Pepperdine University School of Law
Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution
Advanced Mediation Training - Woodstock, Vermont... October 13th - 15th, 18 hour practicum...

Course study was over a period of three full days. Heavy emphasis on Strategic and Creative Mediation Techniques. Assessment of complex cases by team evaluation and support.

 We also had instruction in Legal Ethics & Elimination of bias in the legal profession and Mediation practice. Covered a broad range of material in mediation techniques to manage difficult conflicts in mediation. Additional insights and concepts in managing the litigated case in a mediation setting.

Pepperdine University School of Law Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution

Completed course study in MEDIATING THE LITIGATED CASE...42 hour course study performed August 8th-13th of 2011. Intensive program involving theory and practice developing skills relating to litigated case scenarios. Practical approaches to mediating said disputes and development of ethical considerations.

Los Angeles County Bar Association: DRS, Inc..
Competency Training, Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution

Completed evaluation process, training , and orientation and practicum by the LACBA Dispute Resolution Services Inc. Satisfying both The California Dispute Resolution Programs Act of 1998 (Business & Professions Code Sections 465 et seq.) and the Los Angeles County Department of Community and Senior Services DRPA Grants Administration Office, and is therefore found competent to conduct mediations.

LACBA DRS Advanced Practicum Program
Continuing Education, Dispute Resolution

Exposure to related conflict problems in the litigated case...

Loyola Law School, Loyola Marymount University

Certificate Training, Dispute Resolution

Completed certificate training in the area of Dispute resolution at the Loyola Law School Center for Conflict Resolution.

University of West Los Angeles School of Law
J.D., Juris Doctor
1994 – 1998

Additional course study in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Family Law.

Menlo College
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
1980 – 1984

Activities and Societies: Emphasis in the area of Marketing and human resources management.

Additional Honors & Awards

Volunteer Neutral Recognition

Certificate of Appreciation by the judges of The Los Angeles Superior Court for volunteer services rendered for the year of 2010.

Volunteer Neutral Recognition

Certificate of Appreciation by the judges of The Los Angeles Superior Court for volunteer services rendered for the year of 2011.


Additional Organizations

The Association for Conflict Resolution Academy of Advanced Practitioners in the Family Section. Member of The Academy of Professional Family Mediators.