Koenig Mediation, LLC.

Skilled Mediation Services

Our Services:

Our mission is to provide quality family mediation services at an affordable cost. We adhere to the premise that a family experiencing conflict ought to have an opportunity to explore solutions to these issues in a private, confidential setting. Further, to be provided an opportunity to seek solutions to these difficult problems in a creative and cost effective manner.

We tailor our mediation service to each families unique situation. Our pricing is flexible depending on the need of the family at the time. We will usually accommodate sliding scale pricing to our clients.

Areas of Mediation practice:

Divorce and separation 

Child visitation and scheduling

Disposition of real and personal property

Prenuptial Agreements

Using mediation to facilitate the development of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), covering all relevant family issues relative to the needs of the parties. The "MOU" is arrived at by having parties in conflict adopt a proposal based negotiation approach. The parties are the ultimate decision makers; while the mediator controls the flow of communication and the mediation process as well.

Litigation is stressful, costly and ought to be the option of last resort in family conflict.

We do not provide legal advice as mediators. We do, however, provide legal information, or direct our clients without legal representation to seek third party legal advice or consultation. For parties having legal representation already, we offer our mediation services to assist the parties develop solutions working with their respective attorneys.

As mediators we respect party self determination. Both parties to any conflict must agree to mediate. The parties can elect to terminate the mediation process at any time. We adhere to the rules of professional responsibility as mediators to be neutral and impartial; and, only to help facilitate resolution as between disputants.